Supporting artists with intellectual disabilities through our studio and gallery, promoting their work and advocating for their inclusion in contemporary art practice.



— 28 July 2021 —

Dear APA artists and supporters, 

We are thankful that Melbourne has again from almost two weeks of lockdown while keeping in mind some restrictions still apply. The Collingwood gallery has now reopened to continue its current exhibition Material World, which is also presented online. For any questions, please contact the gallery team:  0477 211 699 / [email protected]

The Arts Project studio re-opened Wednesday 28 July with all normal COVIDsafe restrictions in place. The last remote Zoom session was Tuesday 27 July. If artists are unable to attend regular studio sessions for the remainder of this week, please let us know.  

Please also remember that all NDIS participants, their carers and support workers can access the COVID-19 vaccination.  For more information please visit the Department of Health website. You can also watch the video  to learn more about why getting vaccinated is important, from the mouth of Melbourne artists themselves. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us at  [email protected] if you have any queries.

Thanks to you all for your continued resilience during lockdown 5.0. 

Stay safe. 

SUE ROFF / Executive Director