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We've been working with Next Wave Festival for the past year as a partner organisation for their 2015-16 Emerging Curators Program, supporting emerging curators Justin Hinder & Anna Louise Richardson. They've...

07 May 2016 - 11 June 2016
Arts Project Australia

Telltale takes you through the dusty corridors of a once majestic hotel, steeped in the echoes of a mysterious past. A place where lovelorn ghosts float through tumbling children, and where laughter, tears, breakfast and booze blend into a...

Ian Gold is an emerging artist.  His abstract paintings echo the rhythm and repetition of his process.  Gold’s thick layering of rich colour creates depth and texture within his work, often revealing text or figures upon closer inspection.  Gold often...

Not titled (shapes), Boris Cipusev, 2008
Boris Cipusev
AU $100.00
Felt-tip pen on paper
250mm x 350mm
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