Arts Project Australia launches a new exhibition Saturday 17 October.

It takes more than 140 characters to write a novel opens from 3-5pm at Arts Project in Northcote. We have been working closely with exhibition curator Dr Vincent Alessi who is the Senior Lecturer of Creative Arts at La Trobe University over the past few months to realise this exhibition.

Each year, Arts Project Australia invites prominent curators to work with Arts Project Australia to curate an exhibition that places the work of Arts Project studio artists alongside the work of other Australian and/or International contemporary artists in our Northcote gallery space.
It takes more than 140 characters to write a novel is the second of our 2015 externally curated exhibitions. This exhibition explores the use of digital technologies and the photographic image in the creation of paintings, drawings and ceramic objects.
It posits that artists who use technology as the basis of their art making are extending the experience of the “digital eye” so as to reclaim an analogue familiarity. It will present works by artists who create directly from digitally-mediated and photographic images, arguing that the physical act of painting, drawing and object making, and the presence of the artist’s hand brings us closer to the physical world which we inhabit.
Curator Dr Vincent Alessi says, “[The exhibition] celebrates rather than criticises the endless possibilities of technology, revealing how artists use the internet, modern media advertising campaigns and software such as Photoshop and CAD to create artworks which respond, reflect and create new worlds for us to explore”.
Featuring works by Alvaro AlvarezJustin AndrewsPeter Ben, Erica Berechree, Alan ConstableChris O’BrienSimon Finn and Darren Wardle.
For more information visit the exhibition page or call us on 03 9482 4484.


Exhibition: 17 October 2015 – 21 November 2015
Venue: Arts Project Australia Gallery
Opening: 17 October 2015, from 3-5pm
Opened by: Dr Vincent Alessi, Senior Lecturer, Creative Arts, La Trobe University
Installation shot.