Two fabulous exhibitions now open!

Even with Saturday’s wintery conditions, Arts Project Australia welcomed over 140 guests to the openings Rebecca Scibilia Solo and INTO THE VAULT OUT OF THE BOX. With Arts Project Australia’s 40th Anniversary being celebrated this year, it seems fitting to open INTO THE VAULT OUT OF THE BOX which presents emerging talent alongside established artists and artists from our Permanent Collection.  Cooinciding with this is Rebecca Scibilia Solo. Possibly the most brilliantly colourful show Arts Project has ever seen.  Rebecca’s work is executed in bold texta paints, and have a wildly vivid colour palette.

Both shows were opened by Tony Ellwood, Director of the National Gallery of Victoria, who we would like to thank for attending and opening these two spectacular exhibitions.
Rebecca Scibilia and Steven Asquith
Josef Power with his artwork (framed)
Such a great crowd at the opening on Saturday