The Northcote Penguins visit Westspace

The Northcote Penguins visited Westspace to experience artist Benjamin Wood’s exhibition that which enables and constrains what can and cannot be done or saidThe material arrangements of the exhibition were comprised of objects, sculptures, raw materials, industry found objects, fragments of plaster sheet made into instruments and bags containing different selections of the above for people to touch, play and interact with before returning them to the gallery.  Each object or sculpture is arranged according to their ability to effectively bring about movement, change, attention to chance and their ‘intense particularity.’

We were very lucky to have been given an artist talk by the artist himself, who enjoyed seeing the group interact with his exhibition so wholeheartedly.  The artists also enjoyed an interactive experience in Gallery One titled Relaxation Circuit by artist Pia Van Gelder.  Five artists were connected to an electric circuit whilst lying on the floor of the gallery.  The experimental, interactive installation recreates an historical experiment by the early Twentieth Century Inventor Leon Eeeman dealing with bio-circuits and the radiant powers of the human body.  The experiment proposed to treat a variety of conditions including anxiety and stress.  Van Gelder has added an electronic ‘bio-synthesizer’ that creates tones that are modulated by participants, ‘sonifying’ their bodies healing radiant powers.  Needless to say, The Northcote Penguins produced a very relaxed hum, with one participant adding a few snores.