Support us to open doors (Truly – we’re after a new front door!)

You might remember a few years back we embarked on a massive project to renovate our artists’ studio, complete with a new kitchen, paint mixing station, and a new accessible toilet – your valuable donations made these changes a reality.

It’s important that Arts Project Australia continues to review and improve to meet everyone’s needs and with that in mind, our next project will focus on the start of anyone’s journey through Arts Project – our entrance.

We urgently need to increase the size of our door for wider wheelchairs (some only just scrape through!), we need to lower our reception desk for easier communication, and we need to widen the space behind reception to allow access regardless of physical capacity.

We need your help to raise $20,000 for these changes. Please support our next stage of accessibility.

Your tax deductible donation will mean that visitors, staff and artists will all be able to easily and freely enter and access our building regardless of their abilities.  

So please donate to support Arts Project’s new and improved and accessible entry – and help us literally open new doors.