Spot Exhibition brings together fourteen of Samraing Chea’s most recent coloured pencil drawings. The works blend Samraing’s uncanny skill for recalling images from factual books, found images and animated movies. He devotes hours to the careful construction of each work, relying on memory and a personal library of images on his laptop as reference. The signature line of text at the bottom of each drawing often describes his initial inspiration or adds a humorous thought for the viewer to decode the depicted scene. Themes are wide-ranging and often mysterious, begging the question; where does it come from? Samraing’s answer is often as cryptic as the drawings themselves yet these small comic type narratives reveal a deep insight into his sentimental love of popular culture, Americana and the urban environment he lives in.  

Scroll through exhibition below or view PDF here.

This exhibition coincides with the group show Mindfulness in Abstraction.

Produced by Jo Salt, Gallery Administrator at Arts Project Australia.