Showing Over Summer 2018-19

The artists who practice from the Arts Project Australia studio are continuously exhibiting their work at galleries throughout Melbourne, Australia and internationally. See where you can catch Arts Project artists over summer!

POP! Reflections on popular culture | Wangaratta Art Gallery
Ends 3 February 2019
We’ve collaborated with Wangaratta Art Gallery for Pop! Reflections on Popular Culture. Throughout recent history, popular culture themes, aesthetics and sensibilities have informed what artists create, shaping the way we reflect on our culture and mirroring our values and culture back to us. POP! Reflections on Popular Cultureexplores this continual impulse through collaboration between Wangaratta Art Gallery and Arts Project Australia; featuring the work of Arts Project studio artists alongside invited contemporary artists and works from the Wangaratta Art Gallery Collection and broader community. Featuring works by: Peter Atkins, Suzanne Barnes, Peter Ben, Jon Campbell, Boris Cipusev, Alan Constable, Georgina Cue, Emily Dober, Patrick Francis, Minna Gilligan, Bronwyn Hack, Kate Just, Kate Knight, Bobby Kyriakopoulos, Adrian Lazzaro, Michael Licenblat, Julian Martin, Clare McCracken, Mohsen Meysami, Julie Milton, Simon Paredes, Flossie Peitsch, Lisa Reid, Anthony Romagnano, Terry Williams and Paul Yore.

On a Tangent | Horsham Regional Art Gallery
Ends 24 February 2019
On a Tangent
 explores the artistic practice of several artists who draw inspiration from the unexpected or digression through change of course. Some artworks have developed unintentionally through other projects, anecdotal evidence of different intentions; some works have developed through fleeting, personal encounters; while others see the possibility of the unremarkable reinvented or explore overlapping influences. Like a bolt from the blue from the stream of collective consciousness or by being lead down the garden path, these artists draw insight from unforeseen and overlooked places.

Meditation on a Bone: Albert Tucker beyond the Modern | Heide Museum of Modern Art
Ends 24 February 2019
The work of Dorothy Berry and Adrian Lazzaro is showing for Meditation on a Bone: Albert Tucker beyond the Modern at Heide Museum of Modern Art. For the exhibition artist and curator Glenn Barkley has mined Albert Tucker’s library and archive to explore how Tucker’s fascination with art of the past and other cultures informed his painting over the decades.