Where We’re Showing: Jan/Feb/Mar 2017

Arts Project Australia artists are consistently exhibiting at local, national and international galleries, outside of our own Arts Project gallery. Read on to see where you can currently find us.

FEB | c3 Contemporary, Abbotsford: c3’s Media Hype exhibition opens Wednesday 1 February from 6-8pm, with the exhibition dates from 1-26 February. Media Hype features Alan Constable alongside the works of Devika Bilimoria, Michelle Hamer, Amanda Marburg, Jackson Slattery and Sean Whittaker.

MAR | Outsider Art Fair 2017: Outsider Art Fair 2017 primarily takes place in New York from 22-29 January, but also includes galleries in other parts of the USA including Fleisher/Ollman in Philadelphia, who are exhibiting Julian Martin works as part of their Outsider Art Fair exhibition.

MAR | DUTTON, New York: We’ve recently sent a collection of Alan Constable works to Sonia Dutton’s DUTTON gallery in New York. During March DUTTON exhibited Constable’s ceramic cameras

MAR | Robin Gibson GalleryPatrick Francis‘s work is currently on show at Robin Gibson Gallery in Sydney. Patrick has been included in a group exhibition entitled Yellow which ends 29 March 2017.