‘Paragon of Virtue’ and ‘Tell Tale’ now open!

What a great turn out we had on Saturday afternoon to celebrate the launch of two amazing exhibitions at Arts Project Australia!

Gavin Porter’s first solo, Paragon of Virtue, opened in the front gallery exploring superhero and apocalyptic themes. This exhibition showcases a collection of bold, colourful drawings in ink and marker that focus on his lead heroine ‘Paragon’, who is motivated by a strong sense of justice. Paragon of Virtue introduces multifaceted graphic novel type narratives, revolving around gritty crime fighting plot threads that ruminate on the timeless thematic struggle between good and evil. Porter’s drawings are frequented by mission-driven lead characters engaged in the pursuit of survival in a dangerous and futuristic world.

In the back gallery we opened another exhibition, Tell Tale, curated by Anna Louise Richardson and Justin Hinder. Tell Tale is part of Next Wave Emerging Curators program and the result of a partnership between Next Wave and Arts Project Australia. The exhibition features works by collaborative pairs of Arts Project and external artists, including Richard Lewer & Eden Menta, Paul Hodges & Georgina Cue, Katherine Hattam & Megan Sloan, Kate Knight & Kate Just, Mark Smith & ChiliPhilly. Inspired by a narrative conceived by ten artists and written by Justin Hinder, the works in Tell Tale were created over a series of collaborative workshops and studio sessions exploring themes of love, family, and death.

Artist talks for Tell Tale will be held on Saturday 21 May at 2pm.

Both exhibitions are on at Arts Project Australia until Saturday 11 June so be sure to pop by!


Gaving Porter at the opening of his solo show, Paragon of Virtue.


Paragon of Virtue


Curators Anna Louise Richardson and Justin Hinder at the opening of Tell Tale for Next Wave Festival.


Collaborative duo Kate Just and Kate Knight with one of their artworks from Tell Tale.


Next Wave Artistic Director Georgie Meagher and interpreter Ben Richardson opening the exhibitions.


Tell Tale curators and artists at the exhibition opening.