Somewhere in the city explores the fabric of our urban environment and aspects of daily life through both individual and collective experiences. Everyday, mundane routines and scenes are re-imagined, revealing the way that built environments can both activate and impede our engagement with our surroundings. Set against the backdrop of the city and the suburbs, quotidian rituals unfold through visions that are familiar and unexpected. From quiet, overlooked corners of the metropolis, to the drone of rush-hour traffic and city crowds, the artists navigate shared spaces and the structures that form them.

Curated and opened by Karra Rees, Managing Curator, Centre for Contemporary Photography.

FEATURING WORKS BY Boris Cipusev, Miles Howard-Wilks, Kate Knight, Junebum Park, Liesl Pfeffer, Gavin Porter, Shannon Smiley, Charlie Sofo, Kensuke Todo and Terry Williams.

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