PAST OPENINGS: Ian Gold Solo + Girt by Sea

Ian Gold Solo and Girt by Sea are now open!  Thank you to everyone who came along to the opening (it was quite a busy and eventful afternoon!), with a special thanks to Mayor, Cr Kim Le Cerf for launching the shows with her incredibly thoughtful speech.

Ian Gold Solo, taking place in the front gallery until 22 July 2017, shows how his abstract paintings echo the rhythm and repetition of his process. His bold layering of rich colours creates depth and texture within his paintings, often revealing text or figures upon closer inspection. Drawing inspiration from subjects that excite his curiosity, Gold’s work often alludes to popular culture, animals and the St Kilda Saints.

Gold’s paintings forefront the oscillating relationships, and tensions, between colours and forms, further highlighting the links between Gold’s abstract figures and the real life subject matter that informs the imagery. The titles of Gold’s works, which are generally given after the painting is completed, offer insight into his subject matter and interests.

Meanwhile Girt by Sea, also continuing until 22 July 2017, references significant periods of this history and the role it has played in the development of our national and personal identities. Curated by the Northcote Penguins, the show features works by Steven Ajzenberg, Fulli Andrinopoulos, Lygin Ang, George Aristovoulou, Peter Ben, Michael Camakaris, Peter Cave, James Cornelious, Robyn Doherty, Jordan Dymke, Bronwyn Hack, Paul Hodges, Ruth Howard, Miles Howard-Wilks, John Huggins, Kate Knight, Bobby Kyriakopoulos, Fiona Longhurst, Julian Martin, Kaye McDonald, Chris O’Brien, Warren O’Brien, Steven Perrette, Lisa Reid, Anthony Romagnano, Adrian Salvatore, Rebecca Scibilia, Aiden Sefo, Mark Smith, Georgia Szmerling, Fiona Taylor, Amani Tia, Michael Trasancos and Lachlan Turk.