In our current online group exhibition, Arts Project reflects on the ‘COVID-hump’ that has resulted in a general state of collective ambivalence. Questions abound about whether to stay home or go out, to remain in the digital realm or connect in person. At this particular moment in time, it seems that what we decide to do is neither here nor there. Despite being told we can go back into work and gather in small groups, relaxing the rules is inconsequential. Societally, we’re not 100% sure what’s best to do, and our longing to race back into the world has waned as we remain suspended in an ongoing state of hypervigilance. Our movements are restricted creating awkward noncontact interactions 1.5-meter apart—it’s hardly a desirable scenario.

As creatures of habit, we’ve quickly adapted to the reality of staying home and, as we hurl toward winter, the thought of emerging from the comfort and safety of home will be more challenging than we first thought. The artwork selected for Neither here nor there touches on some of these notions of uncertainty and longing. Collections of emotive digital prints are juxtaposed with highly tactile and visceral handmade objects, forcing the viewer to reflect on feelings of ambivalence in this historic moment. Featuring work by Alan Constable, Ruth Howard, Miles Howard-Wilks, James MacSporran, Chris O’Brien, Georgia Szmerling, Lachlan Turk and Terry Williams.

Scroll through the exhibition below, or view and download the Neither here nor there – Online Exhibition Catalogue.