My Puppet, My Secret Self

“Puppets are ambassadors for our secret selves, lending voice to our inner lives, stories, memories and personal experiences. By making puppets we express our fantasies, frustrations, remember formative figures or just revel in a moment of plain hilarity.”

My Puppet, my secret self, was a workshop-based project which took place at Arts Project Australia, a studio and gallery for artists living with a disability. The project was funded through Australia Council and took place in Melbourne 2011-2012.

At the outset of this project in July 2011, I had expectations and intentions. These expectations quickly had to be adjusted to accommodate the capabilities and interests of the participating artists. And as is usually the case, what the artists brought to this project was in many ways more interesting, vital and idiosyncratic than anything I had envisioned.
What you see here is the result of a year of Mondays – of wide-ranging conversation, laughter and experimentation. These are puppets and objects from the heart, that bear witness to the playfulness and inventiveness discovered through puppetry.
By Rachael Guy, 2013