mottled images robin warren

Robin Warren has an artistic practice that spans over 20 years. His works on paper explore brightly coloured and organically shaped abstract imagery. Utilising oil pastels, Copic and felt-tipped markers, his work is reminiscent of cellular organisms in bloom that radiate from a central focal point.

Warren often renders multiple layers of colour that create a dream-like state as they reverberate across the paper. Though soothing, his work can have a strangely unsettling visceral quality that is enhanced by his use of unlikely colour combinations.

His current virtual exhibition Mottled Images presents work created in the Arts Project Australia studio from 2017-2019. A few years ago, Warren moved from Perth to Melbourne to build his practice at Arts Project. In non-COVID times, he gets to work alongside his contemporary peers and tap into broader resources that enable him to take his career in new directions.

Warren (b 1971, London) has been a studio artist at Arts Project since 2016. His work is exhibited widely and has been collected by institutions in the UK and private collectors worldwide.

Robin Warren currently has work exhibited in Ghosts from the Recent Past in the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.

Walk through the exhibition via entering a virtual room, scrolling the slideshow below or downloading the Robin Warren Mottled Images Catalogue (this link redirects to a PDF).

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Produced by Arts Project Australia curator and gallery manager Sim Luttin.