Material World Curatorial Insights | JOYFM

“Arts Project Australia is the artists’ space, it is there to explore who they are.”

Listen to Jodie Kipps, co-curator with Peter Douglas of Material World, on JOYFM’S Sunday Arts Magazine.  Kipps speaks on her background in visual arts and arts therapy, which led to her ongoing connection with Arts Project Australia. She shares how the exhibition emerged from the excitement of seeing the work and artistic development coming from the artists participating in the studio’s ‘extended practice program,’ which she facilitates with Douglas. Together, the two staff artists leapt on the opportunity to showcase the works in an exhibition, which is currently online as well as in the gallery until 22 August 2021. The episode also features Kipps’ reflection and unique insights into the artists’ practices. Listen now. 

The exhibition features work by Mark SmithAdrian LazzaroBronwyn Hack, Rosie O’Brien, Lisa Reid, Chris O’BrienFulli AndrinopoulosAnne LynchDorothy BerryMatthew Gove and Terry Williams.

Photograph | Natalie Jurrjens