You have until 5pm Satuday 7 June to see Rebecca Scibilia’s vibrant solo exhibition of abstract paintings and drawings, as well as diverse work from our stockroom and permanent collection in the group show INTO THE VAULT AND OUT OF THE BOX, before the shows come down to make way for the collaborative exhibition Polaroid Project.

INTO THE VAULT AND OUT OF THE BOX is a group exhibition that presents emerging talent alongside established artists and artists from our Permanent Collection. The exhibition will be opened by Tony Ellwood, Director, National Gallery of Victoria.
Curators Elyss McCleary and James McDonald say that INTO THE VAULT AND OUT OF THE BOX is, “an exhibition that introduces viewers to some of the emerging talent from the studio, while embracing and celebrating the artists who have helped to make our reputation for excellence what it is today.”

INTO THE VAULT AND OUT OF THE BOX will be exhibited in conjunction with REBECCA SCIBILIA SOLO. Scibilia sources her imagery from a range of popular culture items such as book and DVD covers, as well as images from celebrity magazines. Rebecca Scibilia was recently featured in Heavenly Stems, a group exhibition at Neon Parc in Melbourne curated by Geoff Newton. This is Scibilia’s first solo exhibition.

Arts Project Australia celebrates its 40th Anniversary in 2014 – INTO THE VAULT AND OUT OF THE BOX and REBECCA SCIBILIA SOLO are featured as part of Arts Project’s 2014 exhibition and event program.

ARTISTS INCLUDE Steven Ajzenberg, Alvaro Alvarez, Fulli Andrinopoulos, George Aristovoulou, John Bates, Peter Ben, Dorothy Berry, Lorraine Buckley, Monica Burns, Samraing Chea, Valerio Ciccone, Alan Constable, James Cornelious, Stelio Costa, Leo Cussen, Jamie Dawes, Emily Dober, Robyn Doherty, Samuele Fenech, Thomas Iacono, Michael Keen, Sandra Fielding, Jimmy Fuller, Matthew Gove, Bronwyn Hack, John Huggins, Bobby Kyriakopoulos, Fiona Longhurst, Anne Lynch, Chris Mason, Kaye McDonald, Mattie Michael, Orion Manzart, Julian Martin, Eden Menta, Jenny Ngo, John Northe, Josef Power, Chris Sahyoun, Adrian Salvatore, Louise Spencer, Malcolm Sturrock, Shirley Warke and Terry Williams.

INTO THE VAULT AND OUT OF THE BOX and REBECCA SCIBILIA SOLO is on at Arts Project Australia 24 High St Northcote VIC 3070 and runs Saturday 3 May until Saturday 7 June 2014. Gallery open Monday – Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 10am-5pm. Closed on public holidays.


24 High Street Northcote Victoria 3070
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Monday – Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 10am-5pm
Closed public holidays

OPENING Saturday 3 May, from 3-5pm
EXHIBITION 3 May – 7 June 2014
SPEAKER Tony Ellwood, Director, National Gallery of Victoria



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