KMKY Launches: Sat 8 Feb 2014

We have a very exciting collaborative project that we are currently working on that we want to share!

Arts Project Australia has invited artist and curator Lindy Judge to work with us to create an in-depth collaborative investigation involving ten of our studio artists and ten external contemporary artists. From 2012 through 2013, cinematographer Shelley Farthing-Dawe is documenting the evolution of the project as a film journal that will later be edited into a documentary.

Knowing Me Knowing You will question the collaborative process itself; it will explore the complex nature of collaboration between professional artists. This will be investigated within the framework of the following curatorial rationale:

Knowing Me Knowing You is about relationships between very different artists. The external artists have a sophisticated practice that’s enhanced by their ability to communicate verbally and in writing, while the Arts Project artists use visual media as a potent tool for communication.  For some, it’s their only method of communication when sight, hearing or verbal dialogue is not available to them. While my earlier experience as a curator at Arts Project taught me that there is a common desire for these very different artists to get to know each other, I noticed that attempts at collaborative relationships didn’t always succeed. When they did, they often developed mutually rewarding relationships that continued long after the project had ended.

[Left to right] Shelley Farthing-Dawe filming curator Lindy Judge with artists Kate Knight and Martin King. Photo: Sim Luttin

Artists Rebecca Scibilia and Steven Asquith negotiating their collaborative KMKY project. Photo: Penelope Hunt

Knowing Me Knowing You attempts to examine the process of collaboration by documenting on film the individual processes of each pair of artists from the beginning of the project to the end.The resulting film will present a model for future collaborations at Arts Project and beyond, providing an insight into how art can facilitate communication. Each artist will begin a conversation with their collaborator using elements of their own practice e.g. paste ups, animation, printmaking, painting and photography. The outcome will be the creation of relationships that extend beyond the life of the project, an increased awareness of the collaborative process and the development of a shared visual language that finds its voice somewhere between intellect and intuition.” Curator Lindy Judge.

Artists Jim Pavlidis and Steven Ajzenberg working together on their collaborative KMKY project. Photo: Penelope Hunt

Participating artists include: Rebecca Scibilia & Steven AsquithPaul Hodges & The Sisters HayesSteven Ajzenberg & Jim PavlidisTerry Williams & Jenny BartholomewCam Noble & Annalea BeattieFiona Taylor & Angela CavalieriCathy Staughton & Catherine BellMichael Camakaris & Geoff NewtonChris Mason & Nathan Gray, Kate KnightMartin King.

Artists Annalea Beattie and Cam Noble working together on their collaborative KMKY project. Photo: Penelope Hunt

Lindy Judge has worked on two earlier projects with Arts Project. The first, Double Take in 2005 saw Arts Project participants given an artwork by an external artist and asked to respond to it. The second, Portrait Exchange saw studio participants paired with external contemporary artists and each painted a portrait of each other. To this day, individuals continue to work together and it’s this positive and unexpected outcome that has provided the impetus for Knowing Me Knowing You.

Artists Martin King and Kate Knight working together on their collaborative KMKY project. Photo: Penelope Hunt

Portrait Exchange was widely publicised and a short piece created by Art Nation was screened on the ABC in 2010.  In this ABC presentation, pairs of artists were interviewed about their collaboration and the resulting dialogue provided insight into the challenges that arose.Knowing Me Knowing You is by far the most ambitious project yet, as it strives to connect, question, challenge and generate in-depth insights.

Artists Terry Williams and Jenny Bartholomew working together on their collaborative KMKY project. Photo: Penelope Hunt


Thanks to our Major Supporters Arts Victoria for a Community Partnerships Grant and the Besen Family Foundation:

Thanks also to the following Supporters for their in-kind contributions:

SHELLEY FARTHING-DAWE for giving additional time and resources to the project
 for sponsoring lino for artists Angela Cavalieri & Fiona Taylor



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