James MacSporran Creates Mural in Merri Park

James MacSporran has recently painted a mural at Merri Park, adding life to the yellow seats that grace the garden. While MacSporran created the mural in his personal style, his work carefully interacts with the site by echoing the parkland environment and pays homage to the urban and human influences that permeate and inform our inner city environs.

MacSporran has been an artist at Arts project Australia since 2015 and works with an array of mediums including ink, paint and pastels. He also works across a number of themes in his work, including portraits and animals. Predominantly though, MacSporran is interested in representing imagery that speaks of an intersection of human interaction and interference, on both the natural world and the world created by us. Ultimately MacSporran seeks to represent these interests through works that present nobility in what is viewed as ‘low art’.

We held a launch to celebrate MacSporran’s foray into public art – have a look at the pics below.