It’s not often we get the chance to throw everything up in the air and reconsider the way we do things and how we engage with people. While it’s been an uncertain, scary and sometimes tragic time, it’s also been creatively exciting when you think about it. For Arts Project Australia, making the difficult decision to close the studio and gallery temporarily has forced us to rethink the way we advocate, support and promote our artists. Like everyone, we’ve had to shift to communicating and sharing our stories solely online. 

Our current circumstances have led us to generate new initiatives that (even though it’s early days) show great promise, such as developing an online ‘virtual’ studio space for our artists to connect, talk and share their artwork and ideas on life and art with our staff. In its infancy, the new program has great potential for future engagement, even after the artists return to the studio.

Early in these exceptional times, we decided to move our 2020 exhibition schedule to 2021; to free up space at Arts Project Australia for the gradual return of artists with social distancing. In other words, we have created the space to rethink how we operate this year, and the gallery may very well become an extension of the studio for the short term. 

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, which has also prompted a rethink of our exhibitions in 2020…no gallery for people to visit, no worries! We’ll use this time as a circuit breaker and deliver new shows, artist Q&As and innovative projects online. Who knows – we might come up with something new that we would never have thought of (or thought possible) had it not been for life throwing us one hell of a curveball. Our latest group exhibition features artworks that will make you stop, think twice and reflect.

Scroll through exhibition below or view PDF here.

This exhibition coincides with an online solo of work by Dorothy Berry titled LadyBird: Being Normal is Boring.