Cathy Staughton and Warren O’Brien Adorning Melbourne Tram

As part of a Community Partnership with Yarra Trams, the work of two Arts Project Australia studio artists – Cathy Staughton and Warren O’Brien – are currently adorning one Melbourne tram, travelling routes 48 and 109 until the end of August!

A prolific and accomplished artist, Cathy Staughton’s distinctive personal style speaks volumes through her clear, quick and direct way of working; her paintings and drawings acting as a barometer for her happiness, sadness, dreams and desires. With her works often drawing upon Melbourne icons and technology, and shifting between nostalgic and humourous, Staughton regularly exhibits locally and nationally, with her work held in international collections.

Meanwhile O’Brien is a prolific painter whose abstract images echo the rhythm and repetition of his process. The layering of radiant colours creates the illusion of depth and texture in his work and his use of a repeated arc motif, seemingly based on forms found in arched windows, invites the viewer to explore the many complex layers within his works. Having recently exhibited at Spring 1883, O’Brien is held in private collections throughout Australia.

You can browse work by Warren O’Brien and Cathy Staughton online. Please contact us for a more extensive range of work.