Back to Back Art Attack

This Saturday 16 November from 12-4 PM Third Drawer Down’s graffiti tagged storefront in Fitzroy will host a barrage of art, music, drinks and all around frenzied grabbing.

As part of the celebrations, Third Drawer Down is teaming with Arts Project Australia for a first ever Back to Back Art Attack event.  This is an exciting and fun competition where 2 artists sit “back to back” for 15 minutes of  drawing or painting on a predetermined common theme.  This is a great way for onlookers to experience the process of each artist, and then get a chance to silently bid on each piece. A handful of Arts Project’s  talented artists will take part in the Art Attack competition, and will go back to back with some of our favourite local artists.

Arts Project artists participating in the event are Michael Camakaris, Paul Hodges, Eden Menta, Mark Smith and Cathy Staughton. They go back-to-back with Lucas Grogan, Oslo Davis, Madeleine Stamer, Michael Hawkins and Kenny Pittock.

Abi Crompton of Third Drawer Down: “All proceeds from this event will be donated to support this one of Third Drawer Down’s favourite not for profits –  Arts Project Australia.”
We can’t wait for the event and hope to see some familiar faces this Saturday to celewbrate Third Drawer Down’s 10th Anniversary (wow!) and to cheer on the artists!


For more information on Third Drawer Down’s anniversary celebrations and special offers, visit Third Drawer Down’s website.