ART I saw this week…

Last Thursday saw us accompanying Arts Project Artist Terry Williams to his exhibition at Craft. Magic Mountain presented itself as a series of mounds, painted and decorated, unveiling surprise treasures on entry into each of these plywood constructions. Curator Debbie Pryor explains these to be small representations of the idea of home. Terry’s mountain was certainly that, inside was stuffed with his fabric reconstructions of the domestic.  Fridge, teapot, book and coffee machine all rendered cotton, stuffing and thread. His mountain is decorated in wild swirls of colour, a hint at what kind of creations might be inside. A small cotton train set carves a path on the gallery floor, inviting the viewer into this soft and squishy homely world.

Terry had a good opening; he listened intently to the speeches and then after many congratulations took himself home. For Arts Project it’s always exciting when an artist’s work is shown outside our Northcote gallery, an ever growing affirmation that our artists are firmly creating a foothold in the contemporary art world.

By Adriane Hayward

Magic Mountain is a Craft from the 17th of January to the 2nd of March.