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Arts Project Australia is a creative social enterprise that supports artists with intellectual disabilities, promotes their work and advocates for their inclusion in contemporary art practice.

Artists at the centre of our work

The artists who occupy our Studio each day offer themselves and their work with openness and honesty, and as such, what is created is something authentic, driven by the individual, delivered with humility, accomplishment, and often a sense of humour. The artists and their practices are the bedrock of all we do at Arts Project Australia; their unique voices and creative vision are at the heart of our organisation. And because of them, we are, and continue to be, a leader in our field.


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Over the years the incredible Board of Arts Project Australia have developed a range of goals, strategies and outcomes, giving the organisation clear direction and ensuring that we’re responding appropriately to new and changing external influences. Have a look at our annual reports to see what we’ve achieved and where we’re going next.



Love & Humour in the Time of Everything - Online Exhibition


2018/2019 Annual Report
2017/2018 Annual Report
2016/2017 Annual Report
2015/2016 Annual Report
2014/2015 Annual Report
2013/2014 Annual Report

Arts Project Australia gallery currently closed. Collection of online artwork purchases by appointment.