Impact of Stage 3 Covid-19 Restrictions

Following a significant number of new COVID19 cases, the Victorian Premier has today announced a return to Stage 3 restrictions across Metropolitan Melbourne from 11:59 pm Wednesday 8 July for 6 weeks. Under Stage 3  Restrictions there will once again be only four reasons to leave home:

  • Shopping for food and supplies
  • Medical care and caregiving
  • Exercise and recreation
  • Study and work

The gallery will remain closed to the public in 2020 and artwork viewing will be limited at the discretion of the gallery staff. We remain very active online and have the digital capacity to share artwork images online and through social media, giving with our community the opportunity to browse vast collections of work on our website, as well as in-situ presented in virtual galleries, as well as domestic and other, imagined settings. Keep up to date and join our mailing list today.


We began to return artists to the studio during the last Stage 3 restrictions, and this is still permissible under current Stage 3 restrictions, and according to the DHHS COVID19 Disability Plan. At this stage, artists and staff will continue to work as we have been, which follows the regulations as we understand them. We will not increase the number of artists attending the studio until late July at the earliest. We are proud that we have established hygiene and social distancing at work for the staff and artists working on-site, and that our remote program is well established.

While it’s incredibly disappointing that we have gone backwards, we knew this was a possibility and our main priority is to keep safe and healthy. From the team at Arts Project Australia, we are sending our best wishes to our community and appreciate your support and understanding during this difficult time.